New Review of Back Again in French

Paris Move published a fantastic review of my album "Back Again" released in 2019. It's in French, so here is a translation:

"Smooth jazz evolves from generation to generation, and Shannon Kennedy, a brilliant saxophonist, is a very good example. If Shannon is, of course, a smooth jazz artist, this talented musician looks to her roots in 80s rock or in current pop, putting her touch on “Rolling In The Deep” by Adele, and even succeeding in making a much more interesting version than the original. "Back Again" is as much an informal vision of smooth jazz as a current vision, sticking at the level of research to what is happening in contemporary jazz, namely to use your own culture in your compositions or arrangements. There is also a Hispanic coloring on this album, coloring which is due to the collaboration of the excellent guitarist Peter White. 

Shannon Kennedy is gradually gaining an indisputable place in the small world of smooth jazz, at the highest level, and it is widely deserved. The smooth jazz artists who are advancing this musical style at the moment, as Shannon Kennedy does so well, have the talent of not separating from the original inspirations, and a title as well arranged as “Back Again” is proof of this. 

It’s also on this same smooth jazz that we can dance and party until the end of the night. And if there was a little criticism to be made, it would be on the title “Where is The Love” where the voice is far too “doctored”, but we can easily imagine that the director wanted to give a pop / rock side to this title, and there, frankly, it's just a matter of taste...

In all cases, we will classify this album all the same in the “Indispensables” of Bayou Blue Radio and Paris-Move, because it deserves a detour and, above all, to come and caress your ears. I say it out loud: the women of the 2000s have quite a talent, and we are here to help you discover it.

Read the original article in French.

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