What instruments does Shannon Kennedy play?

Shannon plays flute, piccolo, alto flute, soprano sax, alto sax, tenor sax, bari sax, guitar, keyboards, and she sings. 


Shannon Kennedy endorses BG France (accessories, ligatures and straps), Brancher mouthpieces (tenor), Beechler Mouthpieces (for alto and soprano), Roland AerophoneD’Addario WoodwindsAntigua Winds, and KenKase Reedcases

Shannon Kennedy's Saxophone Setups


Yamaha YFL-574 with a Rheuben Allen grenadilla wood headjoint and her Yamaha silver headjoint (with a BG France flute cap). She uses a microphone clip designed by sound engineer Brian Webster. Her piccolo is a Selmer PC 310 and its microphone clip was also designed by Brian. Her alto flute was designed by Rheuben Allen. She additionally plays penny whistles and Native American flutes.  

Soprano Sax  

Shannon has two soprano saxophones that she plays frequently; she plays a Yamaha 875 Black Lacquer soprano as well as a gold-plated Rheuben Allen curved soprano. She uses a Beechler Gold Soprano #6 with D’Addario Rico Royal size 2 reeds and a BG France flex ligature with both saxophones.  

Alto Sax  

Shannon performs with her Antigua Winds Power Bell Copper Finish Alto Sax AS4240VC with a Pro One gold neck. Beechler Custom Bellite mouthpiece, BG France Duo ligature, and D’Addario Plasticover 2.5 reeds. For classical music, she plays a Vandoren Optimum AL4 with Rico Grand Concert Select size 3 reeds.  

Tenor Sax  

Shannon plays the Antigua Winds Power Bell Copper Finish TS4240VC with the Pro One gold neck. She plays a Brancher E25 (she also plays the J27) gold-plated mouthpiece with a BG ligature and D’Addario Plasticover size 2.5 reeds.  

Bari Sax  

Shannon plays a Rheuben Allen copper baritone saxophone with a Brancher mouthpiece with a BG France classic ligature, and size 4 D’Addario Plasticover Reeds.  


Shannon plays Breedlove acoustic guitars, D’Addario strings, and uses a Protec case.  


4 String Bass – Yamaha Bass, D’Addario strings  
5 String Bass – Fender Jazz, D’Addario strings, custom painted by my father, Dave Kennedy  


Buffet B12 Clarinet, Mitchell Lurie size 4 reeds. You can read my review here.  


Selmer Oboe, MARCA Medium Hard Reeds  

English Horn – Cabert English Horn, MARCA Medium Hard Reeds  

Shannon Kennedy's Electronic Gear   

Roland Aerophone   

Effects for Aerophone and Saxophone   

Pedals: Boss Metal Zone MT-2 for distortion   

Amps and Speakers   

Yamaha system   

Other Music Gear   

She uses BG France neckstraps and mouthpiece pouches, Protec saxophone cases, and Marca Reeds for oboe. For live shows, she uses an Shure Wireless Mic and a Shure 57 for vocals.   

KenKase reed cases // KenKase reed cases are handcrafted (by my father and I) wood reed cases for soprano sax, alto sax, tenor sax, bari sax, clarinet, and oboe.   

BG France neck and mouthpiece pouches.   

In the Past: If you are curious as to which saxophone Shannon was playing in older photos, both her YAS-82 Z Silver Alto Sax and her Yamaha YAB-875 EX Black Lacquer Alto Sax with a G2 Gold Yamaha neck. Shannon also played a Yamaha 875 black lacquer saxophone.   

Shannon has also performed on bass, recorded oboe with Peter White, as well as clarinet for her own records.